it takes all kinds

from by the young novelists




verse: (G D D D) x3 G A Asus4 A
chorus: (D A Bm Bm) x3 A Asus4 A
outro: (G A Asus4 A) x3 G D

caught in my head my one foolish friend
getting ahead by playing pretend
you left us for dead we were just at the end
of the verse of the song
when i come along...come along x3
& do everything wrong
you felt like you[tacit] belonged
like a harmony sung

break these ties as restless as
two young lies between us
it takes all kinds
we know what it takes

[solo over verse]
you're [tacit]here in my mind
so easy to find
i just look down or behind to make sure
to make sure to make sure you're not scared
oh i know you so well don't say that i don't
& i put you through hell as you already know
oh i meant well, but i guess that don't
make it easy to bear

[chorus] x2
[outro] ...we know what it takes x3


from in the year you were born, released September 11, 2012




the young novelists Toronto, Ontario

Exclaim! dubbed their first EP “unpretentious brilliance” and this Toronto-based folk-roots band has won critical acclaim ever since. Stephen Fearing described them as having “tight arrangements, great dynamics, and good songs with beautiful harmonies” and their live shows capture audiences with both barnstorming singalongs and heartbreaking folk ballads. ... more

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