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goodnight, young novelist

by graydon james

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    Graydon's double album that spurred the creation of the band, The Young Novelists. Hear early versions of songs that the band still performs live!

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OLDER BROS. NEVER LISTEN verse: G riff chorus: D B7 C G bridge: (C G) x2 C Cm B7 A7 Am hey brother mine we've got sad smiles in these old pics i'm sure we're fine we just need girls to check our wrists [chorus] i'm telling you time is slipping away oh brother mine you pulled up stakes & put them back spent your last time paying off your heart attack i'm growing up & making waves & looking smug you're showing up & your grave is freshly dug [ch] [bridge] dear brother you've got to hold on i miss you most when you are gone i need your love so darling listen when i say... [ch] hey brother mine we got so grey so damn fast back in grade nine we didn't bear this heavy past oh brother mine we're running tied for second last... [ch] x2
THESE SMALL CRIMES intro: (C G F) x3 C verse: (F Fsus2) x3 C pre-chorus: Am Em F chorus: C G Am Em F C G G7 highschool & heartache, how much can you take? now you know you'll never break down everybody's leaving, summertime grieving cause no one's going to the same town oh these loaded words they will go off & break these hearts so young ain't it tough? [pre-chorus] & half the time we're lost where are the lines we've crossed? can't you help this [chorus] now we'll confess, these small crimes that made this mess & the little spot i keep inside my heart just in case you decide these small crimes that we confide can be chalked up to youth & we can start again. [intro] have you played my serenade? bet you haven't heard it in a few years all we did was never admit & bring each other to tears [pre-chorus] & half the time we knew & half we had no clue what could happen... [chorus] [instr. chorus] x2
coming down 03:40
COMING DOWN verse: (G C C G) x3 Gdim chorus: (Em D C G) x3 B outro: C G D Am it's either coming down or not coming at all i guess i'd really like to know for all this common ground we never seem to talk & that may be the final blow i've got a brother now & yeah, i'm still in charge but someday he will steal the show i haven't packed my things but i'm ready to... [chorus] go along, whatever you say: we're not the same as others no, i'm wrong everyday ignoring our older brothers we won't know 'til it's too late & fate decides it it's such a simple word, the only one you know that got you into all this mess & if you haven't heard your band is still around they're different but the same, i guess the little saboteur inside your broken heart is the only one who's saying yes you better take your time before you decide to... [ch] [outro] it comes down, i know, i know... (repeat 1st line of 1st verse)
FOR THE RECORD verse: G6 G x3 Em Em/F# G chorus: Em C G x2 outro: Em C G D for the record this is gonna hurt i shed a tear for you at work surrounded by people i didn't wanna tell oh i hid it well. i wanna risk it but i don't wanna fail launch the boat with the broken sail watch it sink beneath the [chorus] waves...anyways, what is beneath? it'll stay the same just out of reach. come clean with the wisdom of a year you'll find love but you won't find it here just a heart that'll never be enough shy as you are you do not know your worth your tears are the salt on the face of the earth & i'm the only thing you should [ch] change...it's a shame to look into these blue eyes. [outro] for the record you're the last word x2 this old memory you inside me [verse] this is gonna hurt this is gonna hurt (end on [C])
HOW TO REPLACE WHAT IS GONE intro: [G F] x2 G F C verse: C F chorus: G F C bridge: Dm F C Dm G C i remember my home, i remember my youth i remember the way you could suss out the truth & you were the first man that i'd ever known & i was the son that moved out on my own oh i never said thank you but i thought you heard we are taciturn men with emotions interred i remember my mother that night on the phone your hearts were both broken -- fresh as a bone CH. & help me, cause i can't take this tell me i don't gotta take anymore the roadside attractions, the bedside detail & teenage contempt is a working man's jail you taught me the tricks but still i was all thumbs but i saw you smile when i played the drums CH. & help me, cause i can't take this oh tell me how to replace what is gone BR. & i won't let you down, i won't disappoint you & someday i will find you, someday i will join you yeah... & nothing short of heartache ever made me cry & nothing short of leaving made me say goodbye all these common feelings crowd our tender hearts our mended parts will always be a million cracks we can't relax we want you back... [repeat last chorus]
country kids 03:29
COUNTRY KIDS verse: D# Cm Bb Cm Bb Cm Bb G# pre-chorus: G# B C# chorus: (G# C#) x3 D# (G# C#) x3 D# country kids, we party like we mean it not cool because we want it / & harder to redeem it country kids, we're getting dared to try it we're drinking up our courage / & sparking up a riot. [pre] this 2nd hand remorse, the drug you try to score an earthquake of a girl could rock you to the core but she's in love with him, & he's in love with cars you've made a lot of plans, but nothing's worked so far [chorus] can you take what you're given / & have what you're taking can we be forgiven? / this heart that you're breaking is all that's left living / inside me, making me hurt so bad. someone else could break you like a habit oh man, i think we've had it / your folks are coming home take my word, you'll see i'm not the only one of the lonely / who's never been alone. [pre] a summer in the fields & college in the fall your older brother knows a guy down at the mall who can totally hook us up with all his mother's pills well no one knows us yet, but pretty soon they will the hearts we're gonna fill, the blood we're gonna spill [ch]
bsmnt 04:51
BSMNT verse: E A7 D7 chorus: G# A E E x2 G# A E C#m F#m /G# A B7 can we go? is it too early for you? down in the hole they're sparking up your tune oh the word is...the cops rolled in just as we left your parents noticed the basement was a fucking mess & you arranged it so you could sleep in until noon [chorus] the evil eye, the mellow flood / the clock is ticking, bad blood & the explosion was a dud / & you pulled a muscle cause you won't say you're sorry no more excuses out of you you can't stay & talk about the view you can find me out with autumn on the deck that reminds me she makes me nervous what the heck is going through your head? something by the who [chorus] the hell am i? the desperate love / the future told, the stars above & the explosion was a dud / & you pulled a muscle cause you won't say you're sorry yeah... [inst. over verse] the cops rolled in just as we left your parents noticed & you prayed for sudden death & you arranged it so you could sleep in until noon [repeat 1st chorus] whoa, c'mon rock out
LOVE, I WILL FIND YOU verse: E A chorus: E B A lately i've been holding on to nothing for far too long & i'm afraid if i let go i'll lose the only thing i know somehow i have got this wrong they tied me up when i was young when i got free i looked for you i know my heart, but where are you, where are you? [ch] love, i will find you someday x3 i have tried without success the hurt i know defined me best but will you change me & reshape me too take these empty parts that still need you [ch] i can dream & you can dream & if we dream, oh there we'll meet don't be scared i feel you breathing this heart's beating, this heart's beating feel this heart beat x4 [ch] (hold E) someday...someday.
ALL THE STARS COME DOWN verse: (Em C G Bm Am) x4 A7 chorus: D D G A hey modern world there's a time & a place to remind me i'm a thorn in your side i'm a thorn & if this talk is a waste of time well, i am sworn to defend i am sworn to tell you all your modern war is a waste i will warn you that you need a warning don't be so sure...so sure [ch] there's an open road i have walked upon take a heavy load share it with the dawn & you will know... dig for a dime & you'll find that the devil's only in the way that you say no way & never mind that the earth is holy it's a prayer for us all & beware when you decide – don't fake the smile next door it's worldwide – my inch your mile comfort & suicide...comfort & suicide [ch] there's an open road we will all walk down paved with the gold from every crown & you will know... [verse instr. once] & the stars fall down all the stars come down x2
& GIVE YOURSELF A SECOND CHANCE verse: G D G C Em Em Am C chorus: D G D Am x2 C outro: G D Am C stop living alone, the crown & the throne & give yourself a second chance to step out of your skin, show up and give in the only thing you said you can't do [chorus] no one needed me less i'm a sucker i guess, for the obvious & no one needed me less you were such a success turning no into yes so give yourself a second chance to correct the mistakes, reveal all the fakes & tell them what you think they can do indulge me for years, cause you talk i'm all ears so tell me i'm the only man who [outro] (so tell me i'm the only man who) x2 (you loved...the only man who) x4 you loved. so tell me i'm the only man who.
AIN'T IT AMAZING verse: C (riff) (Am /B) chorus: F C G E F C Dm G bridge: (F G# C C7) x2 F G# C /B Am (F G G#) x3 ain't it amazing the great big deal the double-cross & the heart string the precious thing you thought you'd lost [ch] i'm not the best at love i'm sure you can tell & i'm sorry as hell oh... i'm not the best at love but i'm trying to be ain't it a comfort hound dog eyes on a great white shark so borrow my shirt & wrap it tight on your tattered heart [ch] [bridge] see what's going on behind you is there no one trying to find you if you're forgetful well i'm here to remind you when the best part's supposed to come when the best part's supposed to come oh the best part's yet to come [ch]
YOU TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME verse: C Csus4 C Csus2 C chorus: Am Am/G F G7 C bridge: (E Am) x3 (Am C) x2 Am F G# G C check, make sure i'm alright breaking hearts to the left & the right take your time you can take all night to forget about me. lie, it's all the rage if you stay still nothing will change i'm your man but the feeling is strange all you do is doubt me. [chorus] (you don't even want it & you take it away from me) x2 talk, nothing's coming out deciding this love is within or without & me, i'm just hiding out so call when you're free. [ch] [bridge] ..away from me now every word is not a vow & the problem is in how you're understood the tone is wrong if it's something good i need you something fierce it appears that maybe i could. check, make sure i'm alright breaking hearts to the left & the right take your time, you can take all night to forget about me. [ch] x2
TELL ME THERE'S A LIGHT verse: C Em x3 F G chorus: C Em F F x2 C Em F Dm Dm G G long lost highway / come back someday say what you want to say / when you're back rain fall curtains / we were best friends i'm not certain / you'll come back. [chorus] tell me there's a light, shining out for us tonight tell me there's a light for you...for you & i i am submerged / there's an ocean on the earth & it's heavy & it hurts / & it takes its toll so give back an ocean / i know you've been broken & all that's unspoken / & still i stole your heart... [ch] x2
EVERY NIGHT IT'S A DIFFERENT LIE verse: [G G B C] x2 G G Em C G (D G) chorus: Am F C G Am F C D7 bridge: [C B7 Em A7] x2 Am D go to work or you run and hide hey son do you need a ride? every night it's a different lie there's a girl who ties your tongue he's overrated, you're unsung you broke the ladder rung by rung [chorus] in the land of the shy you could be king & everything you're looking for in yourself is somewhere else you'll build a life but you'll need a hand & i know that you owe all your friends & they understand someday you'll be in demand [bridge] you're making lists your empty fists will hold until you're old and grey but that's okay you didn't wanna be in that band, anyway you made the grade & you played it down now play your part & leave this town hey son can you keep it down? [chorus] go to work or you run & hide hey son do you need a ride? (every night it's a different lie) x3
BELIEVE WHAT I WANNA BELIEVE verse: C D# G B7 C D# G G7 chorus: (Am D) x3 D7 G G/F# Em Am D D7 outro: Cm G G/F# Em Am D D7 G look at me again & i'll look down because i am down & i'm lonely oh, you could be lonely & who am i kidding this time? [chorus] don't walk away i know what they'll say cause they'd never let you wander away oh, they'd never let you go over my head that's where you belong anyway, or instead but you'd better let me believe what i wanna believe what i wanna believe. & leave when i wanna believe, what i wanna believe. [outro] they'd never let you go...
GOODNIGHT, CITY verse: G Bm Em C D G chorus: Em B7 C G Em B7 Em Em bridge:[G G7 C Cm] x3 [D# Bb C] x3 D the streetcar is alight it couldn't happen more than twice & the cellphone crew is out full force well everyone has their price late night st. jamestown cemetery is the only safe place to walk & down on bay street all the angry youth are armed to the teeth with rocks. [chorus] it's high time we tucked you in / & called it a day goodnight, city, now all your sins / are safely tucked away it's a matter of time before this produce will sour & a twelve-year old is buying smokes every hour on the hour the door to the coffeeshop is held by a shaking homeless man & there's a deal on a stereo in the back, in the back of a van. [chorus] [bridge] don't you care what we think? won't you help me to take a step back from the brink? cause i'm scared it will break don't you know how to take care of everything that needs a home her crazy talk is really a poem she makes them up so she won't be alone so...goodnight. [chorus]
WHAT KIND OF MAN verse/chorus: G C x3 Em D pre-chorus: Am C G Bm C Cm outro: G Gaug C Cm don't you decide or make up your mind the sun's left behind when the earth rolls on & i recognize all the words still inside the tears in your eyes so i'll be gone tonight CH. put your heart in my hand what kind of man waits 'til the end? to let it begin & we will suffer again what kind of man (x2) what kind of man... a love-like disease the antitheses & if i say please will you forget? the light of belief reveals stark relief i'm not just a thief not yet...not yet CH. OUTRO. what kind of man?..
TRUTH WILL DO US IN AGAIN verse: [B B G#m F# G#m] E pre-chorus: D# E chorus: B D# B E B D# G#m F# outro: (in ¾) B E G can you believe the way we look? how far we got & how long it took? you made my autobiography something to read i turn a page i see your name, you're at an age you know all my geography with little looks -- no innocence we're all prepared but no defense cause once you start you're the change of heart PRE i'm on my knee to clean the mud you touched my head & made a flood the bitter pill that did the good CH we both knew what truth could do & truth will do us in again yeah we knew what truth could do & truth will do us in again these hearts will break & never mend the blood will pump but where does it end? we've been growing up alone oh little girls are undefended & little boys can't stop pretending their hearts are stone & their tears go unknown PRE our history for goodness sake written in tears on our heartache i want to sing but my voice will break [chorus] [outro]
ALYSON, EVERYTHING I KNOW IS WRONG verse: G Am C C chorus: Bm G D G Bm Bm G G D D C [chorus] alyson, if you aren't the one then everything i know is wrong put your foot down there's always a few i could be overcome & so could you we're grown but we're still young you're one in a million & i am a million to one [ch] [instr. verse] [repeat 1st chorus] alyson, the damage is done now every chance i had is gone
EMMA, KEEP MY STUFF (SAFE) chorus: F C E Am F C E E7 verse: [Am G F E] x3 C F C E CH. emma, another guy has got your number & he'll probably call you up, & you'll go out with him your dreidle broke & it was all my fault but you took the blame & stood up for me & when your mom left, you turned to me & said: "i think you're cool." well no one ever thought i was cool until you suddenly changed like a musical robot. you talked like this, & rubbed it in & what's wrong with me saying "i love you" in a letter? i used to feel like hell, but i like you in that sweater [chorus] there's nothing like pasta on a tuesday it completes me the way you never could even if you tried oh but sometimes i wish you were like pasta on a tuesday: [you'd fill me up, yeah,] x3, fuller than religion [chorus] x2
SHE'S THAT GIRL verse: A D A D C#7 chorus: F#m E A B7 outro: [A D] x4 A D Dm she cleverly leaves a sign where you'll find it she's a doll, she's a dream, yeah she's alright she carefully speaks her mind, she's so shy now she hides with all her might, but she's my girl every night CH. she's everyone's best friend it starts with the heart, but it won't end she's that girl, yeah she suddenly is on your mind all the time, now the girl you knew has turned into the girl you need she comes between the good & bad & what you had now she's a heart so bittersweet, she's a love you can't defeat CH. she's everything in the world that means anything, yeah she's that girl she's that girl, yeah [solo over outro] OUTRO. she's that girl, yeah... she's that girl, yeah yeah
DROPKICK ME RIGHT IN THE CHEST verse: A7 G7 F#m7 D7 F#m7 G7 chorus: A7 C#7 F#m (D D7) bridge: A7 Bm7 C#m7 D7 C#m7 Bm7 you... tried to dropkick me right in the chest you did your best to bring the pain so i thought i should write but i'll never write or right the wrongs so i wrote a song or at least made one up CH. don't you see that you're crazy? & i'm not thinking maybe it's a surefire odds-on bet do me a favour & just... forget all the plants in the yard it's too hard to love them all that i want is a spaceship & a trip to the moon back in time when the surface was clean no one means to mess it up CH. don't you see that you're needed? & i don't dare repeat it it's in the letter i never wrote oh i never wrote BR. [inst](x4) [repeat first CH.] BR. forget. (just forget) (x3) just--
IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME verse: [A9sus4 A] x3 E pre-chorus: [D E F#m A] x2 D E chorus: A Bm C#m E make good on your word or suffer the same i think you parked down at fairview to sully my name you can't know the heartache of canadian fame you think your hand's on the pulse but you're only touching a vein PRE & making a scene is my only skill i'm falling like leaves i'm crawling uphill when i began this life of crime i needed your heart & you needed mine oh it's been...yeah it's been a long time CH. (it's been a long time) x3 the arms crossed, the young girl & my autograph the long talk, it's all verbs & nobody laughs oh the tide turns & who's on about making a comeback? no no i'm not all that you need, i'm all that you lack [repeat pre-chorus] [repeat chorus] [instr. verse & half pre-chorus] when i began this life of crime i needed your heart & you needed mine & it's been...yeah it's been a long time [chorus] x2
IT SEEMS TO HAPPEN ALL THE TIME verse: [G (G D)] x2 Am C G (G D) chorus: [Em (/F# G) C D] x2 Am C G D bridge: [Bm C G D] x2 Bm C G G outro: G D waiting long distance heart playing all of the parts & i'm so lonely i'm ashamed i've got to fail to learn so will i only learn to fail, & still i find i'm taking all the blame a consequence of staying the same CH. & if i wait, & if i hope / am i giving myself rope with which to hang my little head / or get my heart tied up instead (it seems to happen all the time) x2 your little look in a photograph i'm tangled up with my better half & i'm a thief to my common sense but which is worse, the do or die the love i lost when i didn't try your lips could pull me off the fence maybe we could be good parents [chorus] BR. i could hold you for a night / & when we walk we walk in time swinging hands i know aren't mine / talking about our next time we get to spend / (hoping this one never ends) x2 waiting long distance heart it's my turn so i should start i'll show you everything inside & say i wish that you were mine (it seems to happen all the time) x2 but this doesn't happen all the time [outro]
MAKE IT FEEL ALRIGHT V: Em A B CH: [C7 Cm7 G] x3 A Am B don't cry disappointment keep my own appointment i've been late before & you showed me the door now i'm walking heart in hand cause you don't understand i tried to make you see but you won't look at me CH. girl i think we just need one more chance to fix the broken heart of this romance put on that little number let's go dance all night & we...we'll make it feel alright baby the night is long i need just one more song & i will take you home it's hard to be alone precious every day i'll love you every way like a good boy should oh please let me be good [chorus] [solo over verse] [chorus – repeat last line x3]
little halo 03:19
LITTLE HALO verse: [Em (Em Am)] x2 F# Am chorus: G (C Em) D (D B7) bridge: [C D (Em D) C] x2 Cm she's a bullet in that dress i'm a magnet i must confess this deed best be done quick. oh youth disregard me see what you can charge me with when we are in the thick CH i know it's a little halo i think it's enough though to show me where the tears go keep them in your own vault i guess it's my fault i guess it's my fault... test our mettle it's been tried impure or proven bonafide but still we're double-crossed oh, we are patient when the time went with us in it, not lost. [chorus] BR right past the day my voice will break i'm sad to say the toll it takes... i'm sad to say that [chorus] x2
PORTRAIT OF YOUNG MAN verse: [A B] x2 A B D A pre-chorus: A Dm chorus: [A C#] x3 C B i am muddy waters / i'm broken down i'm told i am muddy waters & i am slow i am muddy waters / don't wait till i'm alone i get fed up don't disappoint me just watch the show CH. let's take a minute just to calm down we'll walk the streets of my innocent hometown don't question why do you have questions anyhow? i am muddy waters / that started out so pure i am wasting away & there's no cure avoid me i am an optimist / that started out so pure [pre-chorus] (are you positive? i'm sure) x3 CH. let's take a moment just to calm down i'm sick and tired of my innocent hometown don't worry why do you have worries anyhow? [solo over A B D A) i am muddy waters / i'm breaking down right now [pre-chorus] (are you positive? i'm sure) x3 (i'm sure) x6
ONLY IN BETWEEN verse: Em Em G (Dsus4 D) chorus: C G Am Em bridge: B Em C B they'll suss you out & what have you proved you're a naive kid & twice removed well cry me a river & call the shots you're tripping on all the names you dropped hey yeah. CH. there's no after there's only in between & there's no other left to make the scene complain complain & what do you get? they all know your name & say they'll never forget you took your chance & what have you shown? you're fifteen minutes older & twice unknown twice unknown... [chorus] [solo over verse] BR. (instr.) [repeat second verse] [chorus] x2 (hey yeah...hey yeah...) x4
all the days 04:02
ALL THE DAYS verse: E G#m A E F#m E F#m E chorus: A E G# C#m B bridge: (F#m A E E) x3 (B F#m A E) x3 it's a long way home & i've had my fill i will fight my way down magnetic hill & i'll feel it pull on my iron will & the broken heart that is broken still [ch] all the days between then & now had to pass somehow & when you squeeze my hand tears come out take two hearts & draw a line what's mine is yours & yours is mine if you share a space then you will collide with the only truth you used to hide [ch] [bridge] the crying shame that i can't name besides our fame, is that i can't feel the same the moon is just a stone & the light that we all blame you'll never face alone. if you share a space then you will collide & these hearts are home & these hands are tied... [ch] x2
THE DAY YOUR LOVE WILL PASS ME BY verse: E B7 chorus: A E B7 E A E A B7 E save your smile for the boy who will find the heart you thought you'd lost & when your trial is truly done there will be peace in love so tempest toss'd [chorus] & i'm not trying to be your saviour though the thought may pass behind my eye i'm looking forward to the day your the day your love will pass me by a railroad walk, a handheld talk a heart that knows when to give in a long sad look, an open book a girl who knows she's wearing thin [chorus] & i can see that you need comfort though i will never see you cry i can't take all, but i'll take some hurt the day your love will pass me by [instr. verse] we will learn to say goodbye & live with all the damage done & i'm no cure, but i can say i've loved as much as anyone [repeat first chorus]
SHE'S SO HEARTBROKEN verse: D A E C#7 D A E E7 pre-chorus: F#m D Bm G chorus: (A D) x2 A D A Bm E bridge: F#m F#m/G# A D C#7 Bm C#m D E she's so heartbroken, she's on the wrong side of the ocean whoa oh oh, you turn their heads they watch you shine if there's a song i'll sing it if there is love please bring it all back home PRE-CHORUS when we're back together hope we stay that way forever CH. cause i miss you / do you miss me too? yeah i miss you / do you miss me too? & i miss you more we're friends because we try & every laugh is bonafide shang dang do, you'd change your name & so would i every boy you've kissed, yeah everyone you know is just a friend of a friend [pre] when we're back together looking forward to some sunnier weather [ch] BRIDGE your big deal the foreign boy that you scored cause you were bored, you were bored & i kept clean she's so heartbroken, she's coming back across the ocean [pre] when we're back together hope we stay that way forever CH. (end on B)
STUCK IN YOUR WAYS (SAY GOODNIGHT) verse: G A7 C7 G (end on Cm instead of G) pre-chorus: Em C G G chorus: B7 C G G7 (end G F Em C7) outro: G G D# D come out of your pretty head & say goodnight the aftermath will bring you down without a fight if you want it then you want it yeah you know what you want but you'd better believe this will come back to haunt...you [pre-chorus] & your friends, oh you & your friends you & your friends [chorus] you & your friends make me cry cause they won't try nothing you & your friends are always right dry your eyes let's not fight say goodnight if no one's going to masturbate who will you imitate crack open your brain-case, it's not too late i'll get the door you get your coat & we're off i'll call the papers, you call the cops...you [pre-chorus] [chorus] you & your friends make me cry you crucify nothing you & your friends are always fight dry your eyes let's not fight say goodnight [outro] say goodnight x7
WE NEVER GET THE HEART WE WANT V: Am F C (/B) PRE: F Am CH: C F C F C F C C OUT: C F C C brave & young when we spoke side by side i kept the shirt that i wore when you cried someday soon all the changes you deny will show through despite what you do to hide PRE & then we will come around / our ship come in or run aground the deadly sin the smallest sound / will begin... CH we cannot regret & never get the heart we want the ghost of a chance there's nowhere left for it to haunt but i watch you with a loving eye every day is blue & grey when you say goodbye some goodbyes are just retreats / through my window to the street i can watch you in defeat / & still say... we don't give up yet & never get the heart we want the ghost of a chance there's nowhere left for it to haunt (solo over verse) you don't know me like you should all my faults come across as something good but the truth is not entire / i'm not worth being a liar i'm just smoke, i'm no fire / i'm no hope... 1st CH 2nd CH OUT there's nowhere left for it to haunt...
DAMN ALL THOSE CRITICS verse: g d c g chorus: [(b7 em) x3] c g c g c d bridge: [(d c g g7) x2] d c g a7 [(d7 d#7) x2] d c bm am g take all the proof you've gathered so long come down from the fence that you're sitting upon these bloodshot sad eyes will witness the end i wish we'd been better friends... sing your goodbyes & name your disease & when we both speak there'll be harmonies you hit the highs, i'll hit the lows & damn all those critics, who cares what they know [chorus] pull me back under / cause you've got my number & sometimes i wonder / if you can explain why you changed your name but you're still the same...man that i can't live without & can't live within you let it get under your skin so go hit them highs, i've got the lows & damn all those critics, who cares what they know [bridge] the balloon that you tied to your wrist putting one more on the guest list & i'm still sure i could never believe you would change it's strange...you've taken the boy but the man complains [ch] can't live without & can't live within you let it get under your skin so go hit them highs, i've got the lows & (damn all those critics) x3 who cares what they know.
I'M STILL WAITING verse: G (riff) C (riff) chorus: Am D part of me is alone now time for me to be over you now but i keep walking the same ground keep mistaking the same small sound for you...but i walked down...the same old block they changed the big box we sat out back when we had that long talk (verse instr.) seems like lately i've been someone else's long-lost best friend & nothing ever happens i keep hoping nothing will happen again [chorus] & i keep waiting for this to change & i'm still waiting for this to change (interlude: G G/F# Em F#dim G Gdim C Cm D Em Am Cm G Gdim F#dim Em D...) (verse instr.) [ch] i keep waiting for this to change & i'm still waiting for...this...to change. (end on G)
paper 02:52
PAPER verse: C F C (F Am) C F C (F F/E) Dm G Dm G chorus: C Dm F G bridge: E F C G bet you thought that i forgot but i'm not that kind of boy i'm down the street & when we meet you'll talk & i'll enjoy everything you say, & hug you the next day don't watch the clock, lift the lock take your glasses off too late hum your tune, show me the moon but i will have to wait to see it fill, i hear it's growing still [chorus] i hope that i remember to marry you when i get older down to this, steal back the kiss the one you stole in '98 i've got a crush & don't see you much anticipation's the best state i know what to do with my sunday afternoons [ch] [bridge] keep me in the loop when the lasso comes down rumours fly the truth is starting to sound good to me who needs second chances? now that's settled please, let's go dancing [ch]
HOLD ON TO ALL THE SECRETS verse: Bb F chorus: [Dm Dm A Bb F F F7 F7] x2 Dm Dm A Bb F Gm7 Bb C F bridge: [F C Dm A F A Bb Bb] x2 Bbm hold on to all the secrets that you got the scandal will be simpler when i get caught & it's alright that it's all wrong you'll hear your worst fears in a hand-me-down song & CH. it's dangerous to get to know me & you are on the list, right below me oh & you'll be safe unless you throw me so behave & watch what you say remind me how you won? the mot juste, the antidote & the tip of my tongue & i talked a blue streak now you're blue, well what's new? another record-breaking week [chorus] [solo over verse] BR. (in my head the beautiful things i've said should make you feel better but you feel worse instead.) x2 hold on to all the secrets that you got...
SAYING SOMETHING YOU HEARD BEFORE verse: F Bb chorus/intro: (Dm A Bb F) x3 C post-chorus: Gm Gm Bb F F Am oh those boys of summer they have gone for good love lost gone like a river drowning your neighbourhood moved out taking all you own & all the blame you alone are allowed to sing his full name [chorus] saying something you heard before always the one who isn't sure saying something you heard before & you've got a friend you're not sure how & there is an end & it begins [post-chorus] now, it begins now / the songs are the same but they don't sound the same / & there is an end & it begins god damn upset if i let you badmouth yourself you do it for the me in you & the you in someone else [ch] saying something you've known so long i'll be the first to say i'm wrong saying something you've known so long & you've got a friend you're not sure how & there is an end & it begins [post] [solo over chorus] you're so accident-prone you'll fall like so many tears something has been missing for years & years & years [repeat 1st ch & post x2] oh those boys of summer they have gone...for good
ANDREW & AUTUMN chorus: F C Gm Gm F C Gm Bb verse: Dm Bb F C bridge: Bb C F Am Bb x2 Bbm [chorus] andrew & autumn are growing up & making plans of their own they've got weekends & best friends saving up for a place to call home. couple years since these hearts are good as new still seeing stars that he saw with you & she's the star in the film in the park & they're laughing on the road in the dark [ch] (they've got summer days always showing up & they're never alone) now you feel overwhelmed & understood it feels new & familiar, yeah, as it should promises made & you're not afraid cause every day is pretty good & you always knew it would. [bridge] what you feel doesn't have a name tomorrow you will feel the same ...but not the same. [chorus] (instrumental w/solo) [verse] (instrumental w/aaahs) [chorus] (they've got weekends & best friends & two hearts & a place to call home)
I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE verse: Gm Bb C Gm (F) chorus: Bb Dm Gm [D# Bb] F bridge: C B7 (Em C G G) x? outro: G G C you could be another dirty secret i don't need, but i've got to keep it why me? am i the only one make amends & take your friends for granted they will spend their time on underhanded schemes & then i'm not the only one [chorus] but you won't chance another try the no i can'ts, the do or die & you are only happy when you cry you're bittersweet you only start we're all six feet above your heart & you are only happy when you cry & maybe i'm a lie, but i had to make you happy didn't i? [bridge] but you can look down on everyone tall & when you hit pound you'll find that nobody's called oh you can look down on everyone tall & when you hit pound you'll find that nobody's called break the bank & thank them all as follows truth the bitter pill that nobody can swallow & you're empty still, the hollow you've become [chorus] [bridge] [outro] i'm not the only one...


email: graydon@theyoungnovelists.com



In April 2009 Graydon James had a band, but no album. By August, he had an album but no band. He also had a two-week east coast tour booked, culminating in a CD release show in his home base of Toronto. The fledgling singer-songwriter, who released his debut solo EP in 2007, had spent the past three months arranging and recording his sophomore release: a harmony-driven, roots-based, hyphen-inducing double-album of 40 songs titled “goodnight, young novelist” that tackled heartache, small towns, Canadian fame, and dropkicks with equal aplomb. Now, looking down the double-barrel of a CD release tour, he needed a band to bring the recording to life.

Fortunately Graydon had deep roots in the music community, being a drummer for Toronto indie bands ranging from jazz to pop to roots rock to funk to mod beat and back again. Armed with a wish list of local musicians, and with barely a month to rehearse, Graydon assembled The Young Novelists and took to the road, performing in clubs from Peterborough to Vermont to Montreal to Halifax, often playing up to three hours of original music plumbed from the newly minted double-disc. The band forged their sound between the hammer of creativity and the anvil of the stage, rehearsing in the van, motel room, or around the campfire, and returned to perform to a capacity crowd at Toronto’s venerable Cameron House.

Since then the band has made numerous festival appearances, including the Winterfolk Festival (Toronto), Niagara In the Soil Festival (St. Catharines), Sound of Music Festival (Burlington) and North by Northeast Music Festival (Toronto). They recently won the Galaxie Rising Star Contest against the likes of Jill Barber and Madison Violet. They have also been busy garnering word-of-mouth buzz and critical praise from the media, including reviews on CBC’s The Hour Music Blog, NxEW, and Grayowl Point, and appearances on Canadian Spaces on Carleton Radio (CKCU 93.1FM) and Trent Radio (CFFF 92.7FM). Their track 'alyson, everything i know is wrong' was recently featured as 'track of the day' on CBC Radio 3. The infectiously energetic band has a tight sound, punctuated by warm four-part harmonies and salted with layers of bouncy piano, moody organ, romping bass, plucky banjo, heartfelt melodica, spry mandolin, and plaintive guitars, all centred by a deep-down roots-driving drum beat. They have been compared to The Traveling Wilburys for catchy roots hooks, The Band for heartfelt harmonies, and Wilco for intricate arrangements, but Graydon James & the Young Novelists have a sound all their own – and they thank you for listening.


released August 26, 2009

graydon james - bass, acoustic & electric guitar, handclaps, piano, keyboard, accordian, glockenspiel, vocals.
noel ditosto - electric & acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, trumpet.
myke mazzei - electric, acoustic & classical guitar, vocals.
laura spink - handclaps, vocals.

all songs produced & mixed by graydon james & laura spink, with much assistance from myke mazzei & little help from noel.
vocal arrangements by laura spink & graydon james.
mastering by shawn jurek
all songs copyright (C) 2009 graydon james. unauthorized duplication is encouraged.




the young novelists Toronto, Ontario

Exclaim! dubbed their first EP “unpretentious brilliance” and this Toronto-based folk-roots band has won critical acclaim ever since. Stephen Fearing described them as having “tight arrangements, great dynamics, and good songs with beautiful harmonies” and their live shows capture audiences with both barnstorming singalongs and heartbreaking folk ballads. ... more

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