live at dublin st. church

by the young novelists



recorded at dublin street united church in guelph, ontario on april 2, 2011.


released November 23, 2011

the band:
alex dodd - pianos, organ
graydon james - vocals, acoustic guitar
shawn jurek - vocals, bass
mike paddags - drums, percussion
laura spink - vocals, percussion, melodica, glockenspiel

additional players:
anna atkinson - violin, viola
jason chesworth - electric guitar

mixed & mastered by shawn jurek (
engineered by christopher baron and shawn jurek
management - amie therrien (
additional assistance & thanks - letting artists make art (
design by kate peer (




the young novelists Toronto, Ontario

Exclaim! dubbed their first EP “unpretentious brilliance” and this Toronto-based folk-roots band has won critical acclaim ever since. Stephen Fearing described them as having “tight arrangements, great dynamics, and good songs with beautiful harmonies” and their live shows capture audiences with both barnstorming singalongs and heartbreaking folk ballads. ... more

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Track Name: what kind of man

verse/chorus: G C x3 Em D
pre-chorus: Am /B C G Bm C Cm
outro: G Gaug C Cm

don't you decide
or make up your mind
the sun's left behind
when the earth rolls on
& i recognize
all the words still inside
the tears in your eyes
so i'll be gone tonight

put your heart in my hand
what kind of man waits 'til the end?
to let it begin & we will suffer again
what kind of man (x2)
what kind of man...

a love-like disease
the antitheses
& if i say please
will you forget?
the light of belief
reveals stark relief
i'm not just a thief
not yet...not yet


what kind of man?..
Track Name: we never get the heart we want

V: Am F C (/B)

brave & young when we spoke side by side
i kept the shirt that i wore when you cried
someday soon all the changes you deny
will show through despite what you do to hide

& then we will come around
our ship come in or run aground
the deadly sin the smallest sound
will begin...

we cannot regret & never get the heart we want
the ghost of a chance there's nowhere left for it to haunt

but i watch you with a loving eye
every day is blue & grey when you say goodbye

some goodbyes are just retreats
through my window to the street
i can watch you in defeat
& still say...

we don't give up yet & never get the heart we want
the ghost of a chance there's nowhere left for it to haunt

(solo over verse)

you don't know me like you should
all my faults come across as something good

but the truth is not entire
i'm not worth being a liar
i'm just smoke, i'm no fire
i'm no hope...

1st CH
2nd CH

there's nowhere left for it to haunt...
Track Name: older bros. never listen

verse: G riff
chorus: D B7 C G
bridge: (C G) x2 C Cm B7 A7 Am

hey brother mine we've got sad smiles in these old pics
i'm sure we're fine we just need girls to check our wrists

i'm telling you time is slipping away

oh brother mine you pulled up stakes & put them back
spent your last time paying off your heart attack
i'm growing up & making waves & looking smug
you're showing up & your grave is freshly dug


dear brother you've got to hold on
i miss you most when you are gone
i need your love so darling listen when i say...


hey brother mine we got so grey so damn fast
back in grade nine we didn't bear this heavy past
oh brother mine we're running tied for second last...

[ch] x2
Track Name: alyson, everything i know is wrong

verse: G Am C C
chorus: Bm G D G Bm Bm G G D D C

alyson, if you aren't the one
then everything i know is wrong

put your foot down there's always a few
i could be overcome & so could you
we're grown but we're still young
you're one in a million
& i am a million to one


[instr. verse]

[repeat 1st chorus]
alyson, the damage is done
now every chance i had is gone
Track Name: tell me what you've done

verse: A E A (E B)
chorus: E (C#m B)
intro: E

blame your checkered past
excuses come at last...too fast
you will hide down deep everything you believe
there's still a heart sewn on your sleeve
you cannot deceive...anyone

tell me what you've done
living hard under the gun
tell me what you've done x2

this storm will tear these tattered sails
the sea come on as tough as nails
it never fails
you will betray yourself with a second thought
all the secrets that you've got
you will get one

[solo over verse]
[build on E]

terrible as the wild unknown
you're reaching out but you're alone,
you're always alone, oh...

tell me what you've done
living hard under the gun
tell me what you've done x5
Track Name: scarecrow
verse: D6 D6 G A7
chorus: G A7 D6 G
bridge: (C G D6 D6) x 2 C G D6 Em C G D6 D6 G A7 D6
D6 [xx0202]

hey scarecrow i'm not gonna hang around to watch you rust
blind sunshine beating down from dawn 'til dusk
has put the fear of god beneath my wing
these farmer's daughter's hearts will hear me sing
that freedom is a place out in the fields

and underneath the moonlight
between the cornrows high
that's where they steal

some sleepy towns they never seem to sleep enough to dream
and everybody leaves at age eighteen
half return with hard and mangled hearts
the other half return as spare parts
they remember i'm out in the fields
the waterfall & the old mill
they turned when you were born and they are turning still
the whispered secret rumour song...
it used to strike you dumb but now you sing along
now you sing along
and freedom is a place out in the fields

and underneath the moonlight
between the cornrows high
they climb down from their bedrooms
rubbing sleep from their eyes
they lie amongst the green & gold
and watch the dark blue sky
out in the fields
that's where they steal.
Track Name: exception to the rule

verse: G G Dm Dm C C G D
chorus: (B7 B7 C G) x2 C G C B7

these old friends, the same equations
these subtle coffins you cut them out, you cut them out
there are mountains. you go around them
& in the end there is no doubt, there is no doubt
[instr. verse]
the old trail you travel full sail
it echoes one tale: a story told, a story told

but this exception to the rule will prove me right
& no temptation forces you to take my side
all the sadness that you hide
& you're telling me you tried it once...

put down the image of your hometown
the sentimental say, now is not the time, it's not the time
those last looks, all the time that you took
& everyone knows one crook
& you were mine, & you were mine


[instr. verse x2]

but this exception to the rule will prove me right
& no temptation forces you to take my side
your innocence, your pride
all the sadness that you hide
& you're telling me you tried & tried...
Track Name: amelia, i've seen other girls

verse: Em C D G Em C D D
chorus: Am C G D

we can't be friends
so it's best to pretend
we never were, it depends
a point of view is a sound defense
the charms that you save
pointing out all you gave
but the same old behaviour
digs the same old grave

amelia, i've seen
other girls be as mean
& i guess that coming clean
might have changed what might have been

bless you i've heard
each italicized word
who could miss it? i'm sure
the bitter pill was the cure
don't you mess with my head
i will lie in the bed
that i made & the wedding
will happen instead

[verse solo]
[ch] x2

end on Em riff
Track Name: for the record

verse: G6 G x3 Em Em/F# G
chorus: Em C G x2
outro: Em C G D

for the record this is gonna hurt
i shed a tear for you at work
surrounded by people i didn't wanna tell
oh i hid it well.
i wanna risk it but i don't wanna fail
launch the boat with the broken sail
watch it sink beneath the

waves...anyways, what is beneath?
it'll stay the same just out of reach.

come clean with the wisdom of a year
you'll find love but you won't find it here
just a heart that'll never be enough
shy as you are you do not know your worth
your tears are the salt on the face of the earth
& i'm the only thing you should

[ch]'s a shame
to look into these blue eyes.

for the record you're the last word x2
this old memory you inside me

this is gonna hurt
this is gonna hurt (end on [C])
Track Name: left behind

capo II
verse: (E E A E E) x2 (E E A A F#m E E) x2
chorus: (Bm Bm F#m E E E E) x2
Bm Bm F#m E A A Adim Adim E (hold)
bridge: (E E A E E) x4 (E E A A) x4
(E E F#m/A A) to drum crash out

Adim: [01210x]
F#m/A: [00240x]

oh dear why won't you try?
new year's when you said goodbye
& down here there's a crowd they're young &
they're proud tonight
& one tear for each mistake, you're wrong & you
can't make it right

& i can't understand
& now you can't defend
how you could end your life
& i am left behind

oh dear what does it take?
right here there's an endless ache
& small hurts that i made but i am afraid to break
what words? they're only part. the sound that my
heart still makes


[instr. bridge]

[repeat last verse]
Track Name: love, i will find you

verse: E A
chorus: E B A

lately i've been holding on
to nothing for far too long
& i'm afraid if i let go
i'll lose the only thing i know
somehow i have got this wrong
they tied me up when i was young
when i got free i looked for you
i know my heart, but where are you, where are you?

love, i will find you someday x3

i have tried without success
the hurt i know defined me best
but will you change me & reshape me too
take these empty parts that still need you


i can dream & you can dream
& if we dream, oh there we'll meet
don't be scared i feel you breathing
this heart's beating, this heart's beating
feel this heart beat x4


(hold E)
Track Name: long long long

capo III
verse: C C Am F
chorus: C (C G) F (F G)
bridge: C F Am F

only the constant survive
not the weak with their lies
letting the ocean tides
yet they never decide
the permanent storm
has human form
exacting a terrible price
come on open your eyes
once they were closed...

long long long

never convinced
someone has since
told you the evidence
all you need is an inch
next to the end
trying to mend
suffering discipline
until nobody wins
really it's been...

[instr. bridge]

violent lives
if we survive
vacate the constant past
each one will last...